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by rcwraspy
Mon Jul 29, 2013 1:56 pm
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Topic: [Article] - Winning my way into Modern.
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[Article] - Winning my way into Modern.

Thanks for posting this, Alex! I'm just starting to get into Modern myself, and though I played in the '90s, I'm pretty similar to Photo that I've only picked it back up since INN came out. Which means I've got SOM/INN/M12 standard cards through now, other than what I've cherry-picked for Modern, casual, and EDH decks I've built. That said, I went on an eBay spree over the past few months and have gotten a good number of Modern staples, only missing 4x Misty and 2x Verdant for my fetches. Taking this type of an approach would be a great way to round out that collection, rather than continue to spend on eBay.


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