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by jonnyjonski
Wed Nov 04, 2015 7:28 pm
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Topic: 3 years of DtR, what next?
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3 years of DtR, what next?

I'm open to a closed facebook group with a similar set of rules.

I don't come here as often because I'm old as fucking dirt and work/life/shit is keeping me from posting. I came here with the originals from the gutter to hash on ugly sally and keep in touch with the old crew. It was all about the giggles for me and keeping in touch with what made me love this game....the interactions between players and people. I still play the game, but I get my Magic fix from the larger sites....but I've done that for 5 or more years. I check out Sally for spoilers and MTG Finance talk....and that is it! This was my "clan" and it felt home-like with the jabs and banter of real people without the censorship. I'll keep stopping in to chat and throw a jab here and there. I like to see what you peeps are still up to.

I don't play mafia, but I am a gangsta. If a facebook page does pop up....put that shit up here!

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