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Theros Prerelease

Post #1 by Narcasus » Sat Sep 21, 2013 8:24 pm

How was everyone's prerelease night? I ended up going 2-1 on the night, choosing red as my color. Lost in the last round to a white deck with both the god and planeswalker, but i didn't feel like i made any misplays so i was happy. I might be going on Sunday to play in another one. I thought the set was fun with a lot of interactions, at least while playing blue/red. I hope you guys had some fun too.

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Post #2 by Styrn » Sat Sep 21, 2013 10:29 pm

Hehe I chose Red too , but unfortunately my card pool for it was mediocre - Got two blood celestial archons ( white promo) in my normal boosters , and ended up going W/R least favourite colour combo :P. Four games , went 0-2 loss , 2-1 Win ( Celestial archon bestowed with a celestial archon >.< ) , 1-2 Loss and then 0-2 win , came eleventh. So not bad for a first pre-release :P. The interactions I saw were interesting , and the heroic at least works pretty well. I enjoyed some success from the Red promo's monstrous too - Blow up lands , dominate field with fatty :D. Thinking I'll go to the Release weekend and try going Green. Best card you pulled?
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Post #3 by Verseau » Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:10 am

i chose blue,
and got Ashen Rider FOIL and Elspeth, Sun's Champion.
that's it, nothing can ruin my day :)
because i am too greedy on the spell, i go esper, and as expected lost the first game
then on the second i go UB, and still lost
FUCK IT!!! i change my deck again to UW, unexpectedly i won the 2 last game, make me 2 wins and 2 lost
and i goes 12 from 23 peoples

my MVP definitely is Elspeth.
and lot of my deck have scry, so everytime i scry, if i don't see elspeth, i just put to bottom,
i don't care anything else.
and the result is, my Elspeth almost always coming out XD

Love you Elspeth!!!

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Post #4 by Kaitscralt » Sun Sep 22, 2013 1:00 am

I chose green and was the only one at my event who chose green despite a lot of people playing.

I played GWr Monstrous/Heroic, my best cards were 2x Nessian Asp, Arbor Colossus, Boon Satyr, 2x Untap land Satyr and Xenagos (my only red card).

The green promo is bad but green is still worth it.

I won a booster box and also an FTV 20, although it seems like a lot of prize for a pre re so I'm wondering if the FTV was some sort of lotto or just a one time thing to bring people in for the midnight event.

Good night.
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