Mountain (Standard)G/R Beeeess are real...

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G/R Beeeess are real...

Post #1 by Tanro » Sat Apr 25, 2015 6:32 pm

Just back into standard after a long break since RTR rotated.

I still had a GR Monsters Shell, so when I saw this bees list I knew that I was going to fnm this week. ... with-bees/

Well I managed to track down 4 chords, 4 nests, some whisperwoods. a hornetqueen, and some craters claws on thursday.

I ended up playing this deck.

[deck]Creatures (23)
4x Elvish Mystic
4x Sylvan Caryatid
4x Hornet Nest
3x Courser of Kruphix
2x Polukranos
2x Stormbreath Dragon
2x Whisperwood Elemental
1x Hornet Queen
1x Nylea's Disciple

Spells (8)
1x Crater's Claws
3x Setessan Tactics
4x Chord of Calling

PWs (5)
2x Chandra, Pyromaster
3x Xenagos the reveler

Land (24)
4x Wooded Foothills
4x Temple of Abandon
1x Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
2x Mana Confluence
9x Forest
4x Mountain

2x Roast
1x Crater's Claws
4x Reclamation Sage
2x Arbor Colossus
1x Whisperwood Elemental
2x Anger of the gods
1x Setessan Tactics
2x Magma Spray[/deck]

Round 1 (U/W Heroes)
Game 1 he nearly had me with an unblockable 3/4 favoured hoplite. Until I chorded in a nylea's disciple for a nice 8 life buying me just enough turns to stabilize and I popped xenagos ultimate. Got a stormbreath off the top, couple other things. Then I popped nykthos, chorded in the 2nd dragon, and the hornet queen. I swing for 8 with stormbreaths, he is at 1. I am at 4. He still has the hoplite. I hold my breath. He has no pump. So I got it next turn.

Game 2 bees are for real
I managed to wall him up with Hornet's nest and Chandra Self pings. I got 4 bees from chandra. Then he swings into hornet's nest thing he had combat tricks. Didnt have the right one. I chump blocked the 7/8 favoured hoplite and now I have 11 bees. Setessan tactics in hand I use strive to wipe his board leaving me with 8 bees. Next turn I chord out a stormbreath and swing 12 + 1 from chandra ping. He scoops after that.

Round 2
Game 1 Jeskai Burn
What can I say, constant life ticks from 2 Coursers, and bees chumping mantis riders. I chorded in a stormbreath and rode it to victory.

Game 2
Guy gets screwed on white mana. Finally gets a Rider to stick around turn 6. I have a super slow, but super mana rampy hand. I take about 2 turns of damage from mantis rider before chording in stormbreath in response to declare attacker. He plays another mantis rider 2nd main phase. We stalemate for several turns until I monstrous Stormbreath and setessan tactics to take out his mantis rider. Then I ride stormbreath to win.

Round 3 White weenie control thing.
Game 1 he manages to lock me down with exiles and oppresive rays. I finally get a stormbreath hardcast and ride it to victory.

Sided in Reclamation Sages

Game 2
He goes with same strategy of banishing everything with enchantments. So I blow up some key pieces with 2 reclamation sages. End up chording in both stormbreaths and winning easily.

Round 4
Game 1 (Stupid way to kill people with siege rhino deck)
Guy never sees any mana looses.

Game 2 I flood out badly. He manages to deal with my 2 threats. Then starts using whip of erebos to force siege rhino etb effects. Also uses exile enchantments and enchantment removal to force the same thing.

Game 3
I keep a 2 mana, 2 dork hand because I had not seen bile blight. I get both dorks out, he blights. 3 turns of no mana with siege rhino antics going on. Seriously fuck that card. Graveyard hate is getting added to my board.

Ended up placing 3rd despite being undefeated going into the last round. But I guess that is how my LGS roles now. No play offs. My wife got 4th playing RDW list I netdecked off MTGS.

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