MDU's Rx Builds

For decks that are not quite tier 1 but are still evolving.

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MDU's Rx Builds

Postby stuffydollfan » Fri Sep 09, 2016 7:55 am

Haven't been able to play much recently because of a change of schedule at work so most my free time is in off hours of the day. This is also about as far as we can take red at this time I believe, at least until the new set comes out. I don't think I'll be spending much time with playing and development with my new work hours.

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MDU's Rx Builds

Postby stuffydollfan » Fri Oct 07, 2016 3:03 pm

Looking at new Kaladesh cards and we get quite a bit of good stuff. Sadly, with the low creature count in the deck, we won't be able to take advantage of any of the new vehicles. Though there is some slight potential in going with the energy route. The biggest boon for this deck will be that its worst enemy *Bant CoCo* has rotated out and the deck retains most of its powerful core, only losing out on Exquisite Firecraft which already had a good replacement in Collective Defiance.

I won't be doing much new deck building for Kaladesh, instead I will be looking to refine what is already there. Though I am tempted to do something R/b/x with artifacts and vehicles down the road since I think there's some great potential there. There is also potential with adding energy to the madness and adding a few artifacts to the deck.

For now, i'll just go over all the new cards that we would be most interested in for the already existing R/b madness deck.

Cathartic Reunion: This is Tormenting Voice on steroids. The initial cost of discarding 2 cards seems like it would be a hard pill to swallow even in a deck like this one. This card seems like it's more suited for a re-animator type of deck. Still the power of the card is enough to try it out. Not sure If I would main this in place of Voice or if we should be running it along with Voice?

[card]Chandra's Pyrohelix[/card]: Im not a big fan of the card but i guess it's nice to have if decks with many x/1 start showing up.

Chandra, Torch of Defiance: Lets all welcome the best version of our favorite Planeswalker in the deck that would feel right at home. Though we will have to get a little creative with re-balancing the deck but for a card this powerful it would be totally worth it. I'm thinking we want anywhere between 2-4 of her.

Harnessed Lightning: Usually I would not pay much attention to a card like this but I do see some potential in energy cards, and this would be a solid card to go to if we tune our decks to take advantage of energy.

Hijack: This deck usually doesn't rely on attacking to win. Could be good if the new standard gives us some juicy targets to steal.

Lathnu Hellion: This card is fine by itself but becomes more intriguing if we decide to add energy to the deck. I think it might be powerful enough to run a few.

Spark of Creativity: Another interesting card but I don't think I will be using it all that much since it will never be consistent with it's damage dealing and we really don't need it's other mode all that much. Plus it should have been an instant.

Die Young: Just like with Harnessed Lightning, you should only consider using this in an energy leaning build. And even then there would be no good reason to use this over Harnessed Lightning.

Essence Extraction: Would be a decent card to try in more black focused decks. In combination with Alms, it makes for a nice life gain package.

Harsh Scrutiny: A nice SB card if we ever need it.

Live Fast: Draws and gives energy. Probably not good enough by itself but can be used to support more energy focused decks.

Lost Legacy: Another card that should make us consider going a heavy black route. The normal exile stuff is kinda boring but adding card draw potential makes this quite nice.

Midnight Oil: Another interesting card. The loss of life will end up hurting but the additional card drawn per turn will hurt them more. The other downside of having a small hand size wont hurt us too much either. Double black does mean you'll need to tune the mana for it.

Unlicensed Disintegration: A good kill cards for our colors that becomes better if we have artifacts in play. What's not to like? Nothing, we love cards like this. SB card minimum with MD potential.

Aetherflux Reservoir: I know this looks crazy but I think this decks ability to play multiple spells a turn might make this a decent fit for this card. Consider this more of an experimental card maybe SB potential against other aggro deck.

Bomat Courier: 1/1 with haste and a madness outlet? Don't think it should be ran here since at best we are looking at maybe 2-3 damage against some slower decks, and the madness ability discards the entire hand.

Deadlock Trap: Could be a decent SB card though PW generally don't give this deck that much trouble.

Dynavolt Tower: This would be the reason we would introduce energy to our madness deck. It really doesn't seem like we would have to go out of our way to integrate this card with what's already there. This is some nice energy fuel with the ability to let us dump excess energy for 3 damage.

Filigree Familiar: We aren't always the most aggro deck, and this card helps us in that MU. Good SB card.

Ghirapur Orrery: I feel like this deck would have no trouble of emptying our hand even if we are helping out the opponent considerably. This feels like another more experimental card. Lot's of potential if we can make sure we will be able to abuse it better than the opponent can.

Key to the City: This is the easiest artifact to add to the deck. All it requires is 2 open mana and a creature to target and we get a repeatable madness engine that draws us cards. The only downside is we won't be able to always make use of its full potential but targeting a Bedlam Reveler should win us games.

Aether Hub: We might want to run a few just for it's mana fixing.

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