Mission Statement - Who We Are, Where We're Going

Sometimes you have to burn a few bridges to find out where you really belong. Sometimes those bridges weren't very sturdy or even coherently built to begin with. Chances are, if you've found us, you're the type of person who understands exactly what that means.

Who are we? Well, we're a (not so) humble group of players that hail from all spectrums of the Multiverse. Here, you'll find your average PTQ grinder, your kitchen table king, and even your Betty-Sue-Gameday. Despite enjoying the game in vastly different ways, one thing that we can agree upon is that nothing should be taken too seriously. A lot of other forums tend to forget the essence of what a forum should be about; fun. They ruin it with interpersonal politics and inflated senses of self importance. Here, we just encourage a thick skin and a good time. Someone is probably going to make a joke that you'll find offensive at some point. It's up to you as a grown-ass adult to shake your head and get over it, just as the good internet god Al Gore intended.

Who am I to be speaking on behalf of us? Well, my name is Alex and I'm right in the middle of that spectrum I was talking about up above. As far as Magic is concerned, I'm mostly a limited player. I have a smattering of notable top 8s, most of which come from playing limited, and although I'm probably awful at this game, I have played in enough events that eventually I was bound to win at least a few of them. As far as me as a moderator here at Diestoremoval, I'm pretty much prone to the Wild West approach. Unless it's something that will explicitly have us cease-and-desist'd, I'm not touching it. I speak for a majority of us when I say that arguments should take their course and people should either have to hug it out at the end or get over it. We might lose a poster here or there because of this approach, but at the end of the day the man with the thicker skin is going to stick around and that's going to make us a stronger community in the long run. (RIP Rezombad.)

How did we start? I wish I were properly qualified to answer that question. Instead of trying to give you a poor account of why we came to be, I'll instead simply refer to the first few lines of this statement: burnt bridges. In essence, we're a conglomeration of MTGS' former "Gutter" and a clan of fervent red-based players known as Fires of Salvation. I'll be the first to admit that at first this may not have been a match made in heaven, but because we were the types of folks that didn't take anything too terribly personally, we all grew to get along pretty well and give this baby a proper go.

What can we do for the Magic community? As far as content is concerned, we can offer a different perspective. What you read on websites like Starcitygames are accounts of people who play this game for a living, and thus can't necessarily relate to the struggles of your average weekend warrior Joe. I'm not going to claim that our insight is inherently better, but what I will say is that many of us are just like you. While Chris Van-Meter might be playing a deck because he's been playtesting it against the gauntlet all week, it's likely that you're going to be playing your deck because you like it or because it's what you could afford. Great! That's us too!

In closing, we might not be for everybody, but the types of people who belong here will certainly come to realize it very quickly, and they'll likely stick around for not just the Magic content, but the community as well. Above all, we're here to have a good time, and we'd love for you to join us.