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by Adalbald77
Wed Jul 27, 2016 11:50 pm
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Topic: Dark Times
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Dark Times

rcwraspy » Thu Sep 18, 2014 1:50 pm wrote:i love Dark Depths combo, and think it isn't easily stopped by opponents. The biggest problem, as anybody can see from looking at the decklist, is the complete lack of stack interaction. I can proactively interact with my opponent's game plan via Leyline, Needle, Duress, etc., but each of those cards require an experience in and knowledge of the format that is still a bit out of my reach. As such, I've been drawing up a Dimir Depths brew. Here's where I'm at right now, with the help of a friend and local Vintage afficionado:

Instant (16)
1x Ancestral Recall
1x Brainstorm
1x Flusterstorm
4x Force of Will
1x Lim-Dul's Vault
4x Mental Misstep
1x Mystical Tutor
1x Not of This World
1x Spell Snare
1x Vampiric Tutor

Sorcery (9)
1x Demonic Tutor
1x Ponder
4x Preordain
1x Time Walk
1x Tinker
1x Yawgmoth's Will

Artifact (8)
1x Black Lotus
1x Lotus Petal
1x Mana
1x Mox Jet
1x Mox Sapphire
1x Sol Ring
1x Time Vault
1x Voltaic Key

Land (20)
4x Dark Depths
2x Island
4x Polluted Delta
1x Strip Mine
2x Swamp
2x Thespian's Stage
3x Underground Sea
2x Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
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Creature (5)
1x Blightsteel Colossus
4x Vampire Hexmage

Planeswalker (2)
2x Jace, the Mind Sculptor

Sideboard (15)
1x Diabolic Edict
1x Extirpate
2x Grafdigger's Cage
1x Grim Discovery
1x Helm of Obedience
4x Leyline of the Void
1x Murderous Cut
1x Sadistic Sacrament
1x Snuff Out
2x Yixlid Jailer

This vastly increases my ability to protect my own combos as well as halt early wins by other decks that vomit out T1 and T2 kills. I'm basically giving up Needle, Leyline, Duress, and Wasteland for counterspells and dig - which should be a good tradeoff for a combo deck. The shell also lets me slot in a few other combos. It's much more of a "silver bullet" list, but I like the looks of it on paper at least. We'll see how it tests. I
initially began the brewing process with Dig Through Time in mind. I thought it was sweet in a combo-oriented deck to dig 7 deep and choose the 2 that best match your hand and/or the board state. I ended up cutting them, though, because of the inherent tensions with other cards in the list and also because I found that unless you're playing dredge or mono-cantrip.dec your yard isn't filling up fast enough for a T2 or T3 Dig for 2.

Hi, thank you for the information :)

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